Printing off your scale readings.

Termal Printing


- Teleroll printing
- Manual teed facility
- Easy ink ribbon replacement
- Easy load drop and print
- Prints on continuous paper duplicate paper or continuous sticker roll
- Character print size ‡ 10 point
- Print out must be manually tared off

Compatible Indicator models
• W113 LCD / LED Indicator
• Art Indicator
• Alpha 2 LCD / LED
• JW1 700C

Compatible Scale models
• 330 Weighing
• 330 Counting
• Anubis Lab


- Thermal transfer printing
- Prints on pre defined sticker:
- Standard sticker size is: 100mm x 100mm
- Requires transfer ribbon
- Barcode printing
- Custom printout when using Richter Scale weighing software

Compatible with
• ART Indicator
• Can be used plugged into PC for Richter Scale Custom Software

Impact Printing

Printer Consumable Available

• Impact printer ribbons
• Single ply paper roll
• Duplicate paper roll
• Continuous sticker roll

Please contact us with your printer consumable needs

• Wax thermal transfer ribbon
• Pre defined stIcker roll- Please specify the sticker size when ordering

Please contact us with your printer consumable needs


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