Series Heavy Duty Weighbridges

The Multi+plus Series range of heavy duty weighbridges are proudly manufactured in South Africa and exported and installed accross the African continent. Prevent overloading your vehicles and control your axle load distribution.

Multi+Plus Series Heavy Duty Weighbridges

Self regulation is the main requirement of the National Road Traffic act. Take back control. The Multi+PLUS weighbridge enable sites and businesses the additional ability to check and control group axle load distribution of their trucks and trailers. No more road traffic fines for overloading of trucks and trailers. The full 7 Beam design ensures strength and eliminates damage to deck plates. It also provides rigidity and further minimizes deflection of the deck. NRCS approved for trade use. Various weighbridge size and capacity options available. 

Multi Plus Series Weighbridge features.

A brief overview of our Multi Plus series multi deck weighbridge.

Multi Plus Weighbridge

Multi Plus Series Heavy Duty Weighbridges

Multi+Plus Series heavy duty weighbridges are multi functional weighbridges with 4 weighing decks.In essence the private user will have 2 weighbridges in 1. A standard gross/tare, nett NRCS Type approved weighbridge for trade use / Prescribed purpose weighing the entire truck as 1 mass.

As well as an axle load distribution weighbridge with the same dimensions and features as the Road Authorities. Take back control. Know your loaded group axle and total gross weights before you leave the yard. Keeping your trucks legal. The Multi+Plus multideck consists of 4 weighing decks - displaying each deck weight on the indicator as well as on the software. If a vehicle is overloaded on an axle group this will be shown and you can then make your necessary adjustments on your load distribution. Load distribution and payloads - Distribute your load accurately and legally before your truck leaves your yard. You can have a perfectly legal gross weight but did you know that you can still be overloaded on an axle group?

The 7 beam rigid deck design, solid and sufficient turn key civils and OIML approved loadcells and OIML approved electronics from the USA, means your business will have a world class accurate scale to control your operation. Available in painted finish or optional extra- fully hot dipped galvanised protection for corrosive or coastal sites. NRCS Approved in South Africa for trade use.

Multi Plus Above Ground

Multi+Plus Weighbridge deck size options

22m x 3m (3m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (7m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) - up to 80 ton x 20kg
24.5m x 3m (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) - up to 40 ton x 20kg

Multideck design

4 weighing decks - displaying each deck weight and a total.

Ramp Impact Protection Blocks


Country Of Manufacture

Proudly South African built

Concrete Ramps - Above Ground

5/6m Steel clad ramps (Steel surface mount option available) 

Deck Plates

12mm bolt down removeable - standard

Optional Side Barriers

7 Beam longitudinal design - Beams and plate - easy to assemble and move

Recommended Industries

The Multi + Plus Series Heavy Duty Weighbridges are recommended for any company who transports more than 500 Ton per month or wish to maximise loads or minimise overloading. This scale allows you to send trucks on the road safely and correctly loaded.

Used by many industries needing an NRCS type approved for trade scale which also requires the added function to monitor group axle load distribution for National road traffic act compliance.

Industrial build

Designed and manufactured by Richter Scale. Built for Africa by Africans to world class standards.


NRCS type approved in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Optional Extras

Optional extras such as side protection rails / booms / traffic lights / bolt down steel ramps / card readers / cameras / UPS backup / container office and more.

 7 Beam design

Full size 7 Beam design

Competitor weighbridges utilise only 6 beams or the middle support is a small channel. 6 beams give no room for driver error or smaller wheelbase vehicles. Your deck plates will bend by off centre driving of small vehicles resulting in future costs for the owner due to plate replacement. Deflection can also be a problem on lighter kg / meter 6 beam decks.

Multideck Weighbridge Software

Print Descriptive Weighbridge Tickets For Invoicing. Extensive Reporting Module.

Controlling your weight distribution. Seperate weighing module for group axle results. 1 scale = 2 modes Mode

1: Legal for trade weighbridge - produce normal gross/tare/nett weighbrige tickets that allows you to trade over the scale Mode 2: Monitor and print your group axle distribution report.

The standard system will generate weighbridge tickets and or invoices which include your company logo and a wealth of information, such as gross, tare, nett, product price, vat, total, registration no, product description, customer etc. An extensive reporting module is included. No monthly fees. Easy to use.

Richter Scale software. Enhancing your scale functionality.


MultiPlus Weighbridge Indicator

With on screen law enforcement mode to help with overload protection. This linked to our software puts you in control.

Multiplus Weighbridge

MultiPlus Weighbridge

Heavy Duty weighbridge designed and manufactured by Richter Scale has 4 individual weighing decks for axle

Multideck Axle Weighing Software

Easy to use axle monitoring software allows you to configure the truck axle layout you wish to weigh for load distribution.

Legal Metrology Accredited

We are an NRCS and SANAS accredited Verification body and Repair body under the Legal Metrology Act and Legal Metrology Regulations. Our products are type approved for trade use / prescribed purpose and thus carry the NRCS stamp of quality and excellence, giving you the confidence that you will get a product that meets a standard of quality and reliability which is traceable to international metrology and quality standards.


Group axel load distribution

7 Beam longitudinal design

Optional Discovery Pit Mount

A pit / semi pit mount option is available for sites that are restricted with space Multi inspection hatches make for easy access. The pit is finished with 6Omm angle iron painted in yellow to assist the driver driving on and off the Discovery Pit Mount weighbridge. A sump and pump or gravity drainage is highly recommended to remove water build up quickly and effectively. NRCS Approved in South Africa for trade use

pit mount

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