Group Axle Weigher

Weigh axle groups fast and accurately. Available in a fully self contained model for easy self installation.

Length :4.5m /  Width : 3m / 40t capacity

Richter Scale Group Axle Scales is a complete weighing solution for overload control or non trade loading activities. 

Flush / pit mounted group axle scale used by industries such as: transporters, waste management, demolition, logging, aggregate, mining and farming. This non trade scale is used as a check weighing tool to prevent sending vehicles on the road with overloaded axle groups. Avoid fines and maximise your payload. Export and self installations are made simple as it has been designed as a bolt together structure which in turn allows for easily transport. Custom software is available for those that require added control.

Group Axle Mass Meters

Group Axle Mass Meters

- All steel construction frame
- Bolt together beam and plate design
- Flush / pit mounted
- Minimal civil works
- Fully electronic - multiple loadcells
- Power or battery operated indicator options
- Advanced software, PC & printer
- Comprehensive Windows 10 based software package with
full reporting and database included.
- Reduced fines and makes the job of loading vehicles correctly simple and efficient

Platform Size : 3000mm x 4500mm (group axles)
Capacity: 40 000kg x 10kg

Optional Extras
- Hot dipped galvanised structure for extra corrosion protection.
- Printing
- Software

Flush / Pit mount

Pit frame with stoppers to keep scale centered. Optional - Hot dipped galvanised structure for extra corrosion protection 

Scale capacity

Up to 7 axle configuration - Optional

Country of Manufaturing

South Africa


Optional slip printing showing each axle weight with total (Optional)

Deck Plates

Bolt down removable -  Standard

Construction Type

Beams and plate - easy to assemble or repair

The benefit of weighing your axle groups

Axle weighing has many benefits:

Maximise your payload by loading axles within the legal limits without the fear of overloading, reduce fines and make the job of loading vehicles correctly simple and efficient.

A permanent solution for your yard built right into the ground. For a portable weighing solution please consider looking at our portable weigh pads

Flush mount benefit

The group axle weigher is installed level to the surrounding area which ensures that all wheels on the axle group are level at all times for added accuracy.

Scale capacity

The Richter Scale single axle weigher has a capacity of 40ton. This far exceeds any commercially loaded truck axle. The scale is calibrated using certified test weights and is shipped ready to weigh. 

Optional calibration weights

Recommended compact steel weights. Ideal for remote areas or cross boarder sites where calibration weights are not available. It is suggested to keep your axle weigher calibrated every 6 - 12 months depending on the amount of weighing done. These weights are sold in 500kg or 1ton capacities. Click here to view.

Choice of indicator

Weighing and manual recording of weights
The PW indicator will display the current weight or your 230VAC power is required on site.

Accumulation and printing - ART / S
Double display ART indicator allows entry of data and makes it a truly professional weighing instrument with totalling and printing directly to a printer. 230VAC power. A separate printer is required.

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Truck weighing procedure using
a group axle weigher

The truck image illustrates the weighing process.
Once the weight is stable, record this weight and proceed to weighing the next axle. When all the axles are weighed, the weights are added together giving you the gross weight of the vehicle. You can also choose to weigh in motion and have our Axle Weighing software do the rest. (Limited to 7 axles in motion)


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