Forklift Weighing

Onboard forklift weighing or static weighing of forklifts, we have an option for your your needs. See below for more information on both options.

Richter Scale offers a selection of weighing options for forklift weighing

We manufacture strong, reliable and accurate forklift scales with steel ramps for weighing of forklifts with cargo. Custom software is available for those that require something special to there needs. NRCS Legal Metrology Type Approved for trade use if you select the Forklift Scale option. The other option is a clip on scale that turns your forklift into a moving scale for easy weighing when loading or offloading cargo.

Forklift Heavy Duty Scale with Ramps

This compact heavy duty scale has been designed for weighing forklifts. Speed up your weighing procedure by driving onto the scale. The forklift weighingbridge includes heavy duty on/off steel ramps.

This scale is manufactured by Richter Scale in South Africa. Measuring at 3m x 3m this scale is large enough for most forklifts. A solid straight and level concrete is required for the day of installation. Yellow painted steel side rails to prevent a driver from driver driving off the scale is available as an optional extra. The forklift scale scale comes standard with the ART intelligent indicator and an impact receipt printer. If you need to record weights with detailed information the Richter Scale's software is recommended.

Side Barriers

Protection side barriers - Optional

Remote Display

Exterior remote displays are avallable in various sizes.

Country of Manufaturing

South Africa

Steel Ramps

5/6m Steel clad ramps (Steel surface mount option available)


A number of software solutions are available.

Heavy Duty Design

High steel content. Designed and built to last

NEW Clip on Forklift  Scale

If check weighing is what you require, then why turn your forklift into a mobile scale?

The RS Clip on forklift scales automatically turns your standard forklift into a smart one. This simple, easy to install solution is ideal for logistic companies in preventing overloading vehicle’s and speeding up the loading process. Trucks and trailers can now be loaded faster and more efficiently prior to the truck exiting over a weigh- bridge only to be told they to return to the yard to offload as they are overloaded. A digital indicator is installed inside the forklift driving cab for easy viewing while loading.


Choice of indicators to display and even print off your weighings.

Optional Extras

Report the weight by sending it to a remote display. Other options such as printing or software is also available.


NRCS type approved in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

About the Clip on Forklift Scale

• Durable and rugged carriage mounted load cell scale system.
• Accurate to within 0,10%
• Choice of: Alpha 2, W113 or Smart 2 Digital indicators.
• Fits any brand of forklift / lifting apparatus with standard class II, III and IV carriages.
• Wireless communications available.
• 1kg increments for systems up to 2500kg.
• 100% zero / tare for decanting.
• This system has undergone extensive shock and impact load testing. Tests show that the weighing units can withstand a head on impact of more than 10 times maximum weighing capacity without affecting its performance.

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